My name is John Dymond. I have over ten years experience of tracing family history through the main London repositories, through Record Offices and Libraries from Truro to Kendal, and through that increasingly useful resource, the Internet.

I have recently given up my career of thirty years in the computer industry to put my years of experience to use in the occupation I now enjoy most - delving in the wonderful archives of England. I am studying for the Higher Certificate of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies in Canterbury, and intend to progress beyond that to their Graduate level qualifications.

I have a passion for accuracy and completeness. If I tell you I have proved a connection, then you can accept that it is proved beyond all reasonable doubt. This means that, unlike some researchers, I will never present you with data from the IGI or from a transcription as fact. I treat such sources as pointers and will always (unless you instruct me otherwise) refer from them back to the original documents (or at least microfiche of them). before accepting a postulate as fact.